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Pain Medicine Specialists are doctors who are specially trained, qualified and revalidated so that they can offer integrated, expert assessment and management of pain using their own unique knowledge and skill set usually within the context of a multidisciplinary team.

Management of Pain is aimed at reducing the pain, addressing the emotional impact of pain, helping the patients move better and increasing well-being through a variety of therapies including drug therapy and interventions such as an epidural.

An analysis of the patient’s condition is made during a consultation and if needs be, diagnostic tests such as an MRI can be ordered in order to make a comprehensive, holistic and individual plan.

Dr Alexander-Williams also works alongside physiotherapists and psychologists and attends weekly spinal multi-disciplinary team meetings where complex cases can be discussed with his surgical and radiology colleagues. Services available are:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the patient (including physical complaints, functional limitations, psychological status and the occupational and social impact of the pain)

  • Physical examination

  • Review of investigations

  • Ordering of new investigations

  • Formulation of a management plan

  • Communication with all relevant healthcare professionals and carers

  • Onward referral to other healthcare professionals if appropriate

  • Prescription of medication

  • Performance of interventional procedures

  • Referral for physical or psychological techniques

  • Follow-up plans and appropriate discharge


Pain Medicine Specialists utilise a broad range of treatments which include, but are not limited to:

  • Pharmacological: analgesics along with a range of other co-analgesic and adjuvant medication used to treat a wide variety of nociceptive, neuropathic, visceral and other long-term pain syndromes. Click HERE for more information.

  • Analgesia: Pain Medicine Specialists may prescribe a combination of analgesics including specialist medications focused on pain caused by nerve injury. Unfortunately for some patients with chronic pain drugs may have little or no effect and so medication may also be reduced and stopped to prevent harm.

  • Interventional techniques: Pain Medicine Specialists may perform treatment with radiofrequency waves to destroy nerves or modify their function. A very small number of patients may need referral for consideration of spinal cord stimulation. Click HERE for more information.

  • Physiotherapy: physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic therapy designed to build strength and flexibility, improve mobility and reduce disability.

  • Psychotherapy: individual therapy and in rare cases referral for psychiatric assessment. This is designed to reduce the impact of the pain on an individual’s mood, well being and social interactions.

Working with patients to ease suffering in a compassionate and holistic environment

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