Having endured four months of, at times, excruciating pain and abject misery, I was very thankfully referred to Dr. Mark Alexander-Williams at his consultancy in The Chelmsford. I received an almost immediate appointment. Dr. Alexander-Williams immediately organised an MRI scan within two days and prescribed de-sensitising medication. I could not believe the relief after four months of physical and mental pain.
The MRI highlighted the suspected problem discs. Dr. Alexander-Williams outlined the four possible options for treatment. The wonderful thing about this man is that he doesn't treat just the problem but also the person. He took into account all other factors going on in my life and put a treatment plan in place to accommodate them i.e. he went straight to an option he may otherwise have wished to hold in reserve so that I could meet the demands of my day to day and future plans.
The planned procedure was again organised very quickly. The hospital and theatre are so unlike a hospital. Dr. Alexander-Williams and, his very able and clearly close knit team, made the experience actually almost enjoyable. He and his team wore amusing surgical gowns and the bandage created a wonderfully totally non daunting atmosphere. I experienced absolutely no pain whatsoever. I was so well looked after from arrival to discharge. Everyone was so friendly and caring. Dr. Alexander-Williams' secretarial support provided by Anna was first class. Highly efficient, very friendly, always easily accessible with absolutely nothing a bother. Dr. Alexander-Williams is clearly a very experienced, very capable practitioner in his field. He has great rapport building, empathetic and other human skills that really make you feel valued and cared for. He has a real air of professionalism that instils great confidence you are in good hands. I am so, so grateful for all he has done for me and I would highly recommend him.

Mr D. McKenna

During a consultation in the Chelmsford Medical Centre I was introduced to Dr. Mark Alexander–Williams who agreed to help with injections to overcome post operational pains. Between October 2010 and April 2011 I had Steroid Injections into the right hand Piriformis Muscle, both Sacroiliac Joints and a Nerve Block into the Sacrum. Finally he repeated the Injection into the right hand Sacroiliac Joint. On all occasions I found Dr. Alexander–Williams very approachable, sympathetic and listened to my explanation of symptoms. He also carefully explained the procedures he was to carry out and continued treatment until it was successful.

In early 2020 I began to suffer from severe pain in the sacro- coccygeal joint and an MRI scan indicated inflammation in this area. I made an appointment with Dr. Alexander–Williams, now practising at the Ramsay Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford. At the appointment I was greeted like a friend, and he patiently listened to my account of the history of symptoms since my accident in 2016 and reviewed the MRI scan. It was decided to carry out an injection into Coccyx area (Ganglion Impar Block) and this was arranged and carried out within 10 days. This was successful and I was grateful not to be in pain.

Dr. Alexander-Williams is a very experienced and knowledgeable gentleman with great people skills and I felt privileged to be treated by him. In addition, his secretary, Anna, was instrumental in efficiently making the arrangements and nothing was too much trouble.

In 2021 I again approached Dr. Alexander–Williams for help with right hip pain after I had little help from a Hip Specialist. During the consultation he reviewed the right hip MRI scan and decided to introduce me to Dr. James Noake, sports injury and trauma specialist. All the arrangements and transfer of MRI scans to Dr. Noake were efficiently arranged by Anna.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Alexander–Williams for all he has done for me during two very difficult times in my life and I would highly recommend him.

Mike Hutton

What a privilege it has been to be treated by Dr. Alexander-Williams over the last 8 years. I have endured chronic spinal pain for over 35 years and he has listened, taken the time to explain things and seen me through some terrible times. He is kind, compassionate and has been incredibly supportive throughout the years. His care in unparalleled and he has worked so hard to get me on the correct trajectory. I am so lucky to have found him. He is the best, with a smile always, no matter how busy he is.

"Though my mouth is dumb, my heart will always Thank You!"

Patricia Mitchell

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